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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

This is probably the most frequently asked question and as previously explained it is very hard to quote without seeing what is to be cleared, however to give you a rough guide to help you decide whether to call and to see how cost effective our service will be here are some figures. An average clean 3 bedroomed house with nothing of any value to offset the cost of disposing would be in the region of £600, this varies with items of value we can sell to pay towards the cost of disposal which is why it is hard to quote without seeing everything. Please also remember the value of items when purchased is not the value they are worth now, even if they are nearly new.

The second hand market is a minefield of legislation for selling second hand items, including electrical items, gas appliances and furniture without fire tickets so a lot of your items may not be sellable You also need to take into account the amount of rubbish to be taken, it costs £180 per ton to dispose of at a waste disposal station. You could of course clear the house yourself, a skip costs approximately £280 and to clear an average 3 bedroom house you would need between 3-4 skips, skips will also not accept certain items such as electricals so you will still have to dispose of many items yourself. Your local recycling centre will accept a lot of your rubbish, however you will need to separate everything and there are limits on what you can and can't take, several trips in your car will also take time, petrol and manpower! all need to be taken into account when deciding what to do.

  • I would rather take it all to the charity shop why should I use your service?

Yes charity shops are a very worthy cause and it's wonderful to use your loved ones items to do good, however charity shops are a business and will only take sellable items. This means you will still have to dispose of the rest. There is an alternative, we would pay you if you have good sellable items and get rid of all your rubbish, this money could be donated to your charity and remember we also donate a lot of the items to charity, and you didn't have to do any of the hard work!!

  • Would I be better off selling at auction?
The answer is yes if you have valuable antiques.  We are not qualified antique dealers so may not be able to value your antiques to your advantage, you can always ask for a valuation from your local auction house.  However not all antiques are valuable, people genuinely believe that anything old is valuable, but this certainly is not the case, it will depend on rarity, if its a collectors item or indeed fashionable as fashions change in the antique market.  You also need to know how much they charge for collecting furniture, most charge up to and above £40 per hour, they also may charge you insurance for storing your items, they can also charge storage if your items don't sell and of course there are selling fees which means you can lose in the region of 20% off the selling price.  Please contact your local auction house for advice.

We are fully insured and  licenced to carry waste

  • Do you sell any of the items of furniture to the public?​

Yes we do, we now have a newly opened shop, 31 Norfolk Street, Kings Lynn, come along to see our full range for sale. Telephone our shop direct 01553 404024.